[TowerTalk] Cutting Aluminum

Jim Berry basalop@gte.net
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 13:10:14 -0700

This may sound kind of silly, but I have had real good luck with my little
Dremel Moto-tool (or whatever it is called).  Just like the ad on TV.  It
cuts and grinds and does all kinds of things.  I use it for cutting aluminum
pipe, copper tube, steel nuts, bolts and you name it.

73 Jim K7SLI

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> than the tube cutter I used last time.  I will also be cutting some 1/4"
> and 3/8"
> plate/ bar stock that will be used for boom to element clamps.  What is
> the best thing to be using to cut this?  I'm looking at a metal-cutting
> bandsaw,
> and have also been told a number of other things that "might"
> work.  Anyone
> have any experience that could shed some light?
> 73...Scott K8DX

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