[TowerTalk] Switching Controls to Multiple rotors

Gary E. Jones gejones@whale.st.usm.edu
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 21:18:12 -0500

I have multiple yagi antennas mounted on my current tower and I rotate most
of them independently with rotating swing arms. The system work very well.
Tower placement is about 500' from the shack making very long runs to the
tower and necessitating very large rotor cable wires. I have never seen
anyone talk about a system to use a single main control line which can be
switched from one rotor to another rotor on the same tower. Has anyone done
this, and if so, what strategies have worked? The only system that I can
think of is a monster motor driven eight gang rotary band switch with
multiple positions which could be used to switch one control box to 4 or 5
different rotors. 

Is anything like this available from any commercial source?  Are there
solid designs that people have been running which have worked?  I'm
surprised that some manufacturer has not offered such a device for sale. 

I would be happy to have any comments or suggestions from towertalkians to
the list or direct. 

						Gary     W5FI 

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