[TowerTalk] Ratio of mast inside tower vs outside tower?

Scott Bullock twoway@scoden.ma.ultranet.com
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 20:32:59 -0500

HOLEY SHMOLEY BATMAN! You are going to put that mast into a Create roof
tower? I'd think twice about that if I was you. Kinda cheesy setup I think.
That's just a glorified tripod in my eyes.

As for the galvanizing, don't waste ur time with the spray on, get the
brush on so you can do a better and thicker job of it. I did it on mine and
it looks great, and will inhibit rust for many moons.
FWIW and my kevlar undies on...

At 06:18 PM 3/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>You may remember me with the 'painting a mast' question.  The general
>consensus seems to be painting is for cosmetic reasons not structural.
>I am leaning towards using the cold galvanizing spray.
>Now a new question.
>I needed 19 feet of 2'od 4130 mast for my design.  However, a 24' length
>was delivered.  To cut or not to cut, that is the question.
>Are their any guidelines as to what the minimum percentage of the mast
>that should be in the tower?  I'm concerned that if I use the whole 24',
>with 4.5 feet inside and 19.5 feet outside,  that I will over stress the
>tower and rotor.  The tower is the 9' Create Roof tower.  Rotor is Yaesu
>If I stick to my original plan I will have 4.5 feet of mast inside the
>tower with 14.5 outside the tower.
>7 3
>Bob - N2SCJ
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