[TowerTalk] Launching dipoles

C.W. Johnson-N9YXA n9yxa@amsat.org
Tue, 19 May 1998 11:23:07 -0600

What we used for Field Day, and what I use for permanent installations
here, is I get some weatherproof/UV resistant nylon rope, tie it on to
the end insulator, and tie the open end to a wrench (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE
EXCESS WIRE TO REACH THE GROUND!) I then find the place where I want to
mount it, and swing the rope with the wrench attached. Make sure you
have a hard hat, and safety glasses. Once it flies and mounts itself to
the tree, the wrench should slowly make its way back to the earth, where
you can cut the excess off and tie the rest around the tree. Voila!

It may be confusing, I have to bang this message out before I go back to

Cedrick, N9YXA

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