[TowerTalk] great circle map needed - in color

SavageBR SavageBR@aol.com
Fri, 22 May 1998 08:22:56 EDT

I hate to tell you,but the ARRL did make the map you are looking for. I have
had one on my wall for years. It is a great circle color map centered on the
USA. It is titled "The ARRL Map of The World. It has a country index along the
side in alphabetical order with each call prefix and each call prefix shown on
each country on the map. Along the bottom in fine print it states  Cost $3.00.
Number 12 in the ARRL Series titled "The Amateur Radio Library  1976
Addition."  It is 32 X 42 inches.  

I have looked for an updated version without success.  Do I have an antique?

Please let us know if you find a new one.
73s, Bruce  AA4Z

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