[TowerTalk] Moving a tower

Fredric fsmittle@home.com
Wed, 04 Nov 1998 13:06:42 -0800

Thanks for all the info I have learned in the month I have subscribed to
towertalk.  I have just bought my first tower (a used US Tower tx455)
and need all the help I can get!
You folks may have already thought of this, but I wanted to share how I
got my tower home.  It is about 22ft long collapsed.  I hired the local
tow company to bring over their 19ft flatbed towtruck.  This is the kind
with the bed that tilts and slides forward and back hydraulically. By
tilting the bed and tying on the winch cable the driver slid the tower
onto the bed and secured it.  When we arrived at my place my intention
was to have it left in the driveway and I would muscle it to the back
yard.  The driver had a better idea.  By manipulating the bed of his
truck he placed the tower next to my garage saving me from dragging it
up the sloping driveway!  The cost? The same as a local tow, $55.00.  I
hope this helps someone.

73, Fred, KE6BGI <fsmittle@home.com>

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