[TowerTalk] C-31 XR

N3SL@aol.com N3SL@aol.com
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 19:26:31 EST

    I've not done a C-31XR, but I recently finished both the C-4XL and WARC-7.
Absolutely the easiest, most hassle free assemblies I've ever done!  The rivet
method is slick, the parts fit, everything is clearly marked.  As others have
said, you hardly need the manual, it's so intuitive.  My only gripe with the
pair of antennas was missing hardware, but that was minor, and easily
restocked from the local hardware store - and it amounted to only a few
dollars.  The antennas both had great SWR curves after initial construction.
Force 12 has "done it right!"

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