[TowerTalk] C-31 XR, Assembly

Kurt Andress ni6w@yagistress.minden.nv.us
Thu, 05 Nov 1998 07:25:33 -0800

Guy Olinger, K2AV wrote:

> Hi,
> A procedural thing: While doping the aluminum with the noalox provided
> (do this *thinly*, and carefully -- see the directions), don't handle
> the rivets with the same hand(s).
> Get someone to help and insert the rivets to the holes who isn't
> touching anything with noalox on it.
> There are a *lot* of rivets in this antenna, so if the noalox gets on
> the stems, even a little, as from fingerprints, it will gradually
> accumulate. This lubricates the inside of the rivet tool where it
> grabs the stem, and after a while it starts to slip, necessitating
> multiple squeezes to work. At the end it was taking ten or more
> squeezes to set the rivet. Efforts to clean the tool were fruitless.
> Maybe someone has a cleaning technique they can share.

Hi Guy,

Put some laquer thinner in a big coffee can and stick the head of the rivet gun
in it. Swish it about for a while. Remove and reload the can with clean thinner
and repeat.
It might also remove the paint from the gun, but will get the joint compound
out of there.

73, Kurt

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