[TowerTalk] Ameritron Remote Controlled Switches

w8ji.tom w8ji.tom@MCIONE.com
Sun, 08 Nov 1998 14:32:34 -0500

> I need to install two more HF antennas here but the building
> is complaining about the coax cables. I had the idea to use a Remote
> Controlled Switch. I found out two options manufactured by Ameritron, the
> RCS-4 and the RCS-8V. I would like to receive comments about these
> products, including the most important thing: Which one handles more
> power??

The RCS-8V by far. It is connector power rating limited.

I have used RCS-8V's to switch 10 kW when equipped with Teflon SO-239's.

The N connector models handle less power than standard UHF connector
models, and the standard cheap SO-239's on the RCS-8V should still be good
for 5 kW if the load SWR is fairly good. It also has extremely good port to
port isolation up to 150 MHz.

The RCS-4 is a 1500 watt amplifier type switch..no more no less.

73 Tom

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