[TowerTalk] FAA/FCC Requirements

CQK8DO@aol.com CQK8DO@aol.com
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 08:28:54 EST

Hello PizzaBob... (Great name! )

Probably the presence of the taller lighted towers which are less than one
tower length away will exempt you... I guess I would notify the FAA/FCC of my
intent to extinguish the lights and see what their response is to that
announcement... On the other hand I would keep the top light burning even if
they agree to extingusihing, in case of the remote (very) chance that the
lights would fail on the cellular towers and you might get sucked into a
secondary liability claim...
There is a ham law reflector which will expound on this in greater detail, I
am sure...

Cheers  ...  Denny

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