[TowerTalk] Attaching junction box to tower?

Barry Kutner w2up@mindspring.com
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 11:36:11 +0000

Looking for some construction advice:

I picked up a made-for outdoors metallic junction box from the Elec. 
Dept. at Home Depot. In it, I plan on installing a Beverage transformer 
with some relays to switch wires. This box has a few holes on the back 
to attach it to a wall, wooden post, or whatever. How should I 
attach it to the tower (Rohn 45)?
I can use some wood, attach it to the tower, and attach box to that. I 
do have some plywood scraps around that was used for a roof, under the 
shingles. It says outdoor-rated, but it doesn't look pressure treated. 
Will this hold up to the elements? Any other ideas?
Barry Kutner, W2UP                            Internet: w2up@mindspring.com
Newtown, PA                                   Frankford Radio Club


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