[TowerTalk] Quads

rhill rhill@htonline.com
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 12:08:48 -0500

I have this model. It has been up on the tower since Nov. 1993 and I have
not had any problems with the antenna. It's performance is always very good.
I have one coax for all five bands. Also, because I live in Michigan I
ordered the heavy duty spreader arms for the top only. I also ordered the 3
inch boom instead of the standard 2 inch. I would recommend these two
upgrades if your climate is like Michigans. Since 1993 the antenna has gone
through some nasty ice storms and high winds with no mechanical problems.
The quad is on a Heights crank-up with motorized tilt-over which makes
inspecting the quad very easy. Each check (3 since 93) has been positive.
All components still in very good shape.  Dx is a breeze with both sending
and receving.  If you are thinking of expanding to 3 or 4 elements some day,
purchase the 3 inch boom as that is what you will need.


>Does anyone know how well the Lightning Bolt quads perform? The model is
>32MCQ/WB 5 band 8 db gain
>model.                                             Jerry

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