[TowerTalk] True north and recurring threads

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Thu, 12 Nov 1998 12:27:22 -0500

I just could not resist answering some of the more difficult questions
that have been posed over  the years.  I will try to refrain from answering
any more questions in the future.
Bill - WX8S

Jim <dearborn@starnetinc.com> on 11/11/98 02:52:36 PM

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 answer - it's news to you. Other popular recurring topics:
> Where do I send my Alliance/Hy-Gain/etc. rotator for repair?

ANS:Look in the yellow pages for "rotator repair".

 What kind of mast should I use?

ANS:Preferably a round one.  The one they use on sailboats are elliptical
and don't fit
    well in rotators.

 > Should I put anti-oxidant on my elements?

ANS:Yes if you want to go to all that trouble and besides it would take an
awful lot of        antioxidant to cover all the elements; therefore, I'd
just put it where the joints are...(metal to metal).

> What kind of antenna should I buy?

ANS:I'd try to buy one that goes out of doors....(outside).

> My antenna quit working/has high SWR/etc., what's wrong with it?

ANS:Take the antenna down and then get a really big shipping crate and ship
it back to the

> Where I can get a manual for my Mosley/Hy-Gain/etc.?

ANS:Try Cushcraft or Force 12....They probably have a copy in their
competitive files.

      Any other favorites out there?
> Cheers,  Steve   K7LXC
> --

>Of course there is always:

>Whats the proper way to install a pl-259?

ANS:Screw it into a SO-239.

>Whats the better way to mount my tower, into the cement or pier pin?


>How far out from my tower do I put my guy anchor?

ANS:Depends on how long your guys are.

>Will my (insert choice) rotor fit into the pointy top Rohn 25#,

ANS:Invert the 25G top section so that it is pointing down.  Take rotator
with its top pointing down and drop it into top section..  If the rotator
winds up wedged in the "pointy top" then YES, it will fit.

>and if not what do I do?

ANS:Secure a pipe that will fit through the "pointy top tube" and extend
about 1 foot above it.  Mount rotator to pipe.

>Just a followup thought, I'm sure there are so many more.


I think I'll stop here.

73, Bill Haselmire  WX8S

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