[TowerTalk] T2X and Rohn 25G

Michael Tope W4EF@pacbell.net
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 00:15:00 -0000

This probably falls into the category of how do I find true north and what
does VSWR stand for, but I need opinions on mounting a T2X in Rohn
25G. Our new mast will be 24' of 2" O.D. 4130 chrome moly with 12' to
14' sticking out of the tower. With the short top section, this configuration 
will place the rotator roughly 2' above the bottom of the first full section. 
Is it structurally sound cut the Z bracing here to accomodate the rotator, or does
Rohn sell a special section that would allow for mounting a rotator this far
from the top of the tower (I notice most of the top sections allow for rotator 
mounting near the top of the section). It was my feeling that the rotator mounting
plate might restore some of the structure lost when the Z bracing was removed.


Mike, W4EF    

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