[TowerTalk] Identify big aluminum tower ?

warren munro wmunro@lava.net
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 08:21:22 -1000

Can anyone help identify a big aluminum triangular tower I have come across ?

It is BIG, evidently a 3 section crankup, though the raising hardware is
missing.  The face width of the base section is 24 inches and each of the
three sections is 24 feet long (being built up of 8 feet sections).  There
is sturdy Z-bracing welded to the side rails.  All sections join with swage
& bolts.

The truly unique part is that on the two lower sections there are sets of
rubber rollers to cushion the up-and-down motion.  The base section has 2
sets of 3 rollers and the next section has 2 sets of rubber rollers.  The
third (top ?) section has no rollers.

Anyone familiar with this type of tower - do you have any idea on a source
of the rollers, as those on tower are completely shot.

I remember an AlPar or AllPar tower being advertised in QST.  Do this ring
a bell with anyone ?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

73, Warren KH6WM

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