[TowerTalk] Anti-climb shielding

Ronald D Rossi rrossi@btv.ibm.com
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 16:17:50 -0500

Here is something from back 09JUL97 on the reflector from Pete Soper and my 

From: Pete Soper <psoper@donedeal.encore.com>

I'm homebrewing a means of keeping kids safe from my just completed foldover 
would like to bounce my schemes off the reflector to see if there is a better 

What I plan to do is take three strips of plywood around 9 5/8" by 8 feet
and for each strip put a pair of wooden blocks on the back. The blocks would
sit on small plywood strips for half their lengths, creating a gap between half
the block and the 8 foot plywood piece. The whole thing would then slip onto 
the 25G and slide down with two crossbars fitting into the gaps under the 
blocks. A padlock hasp at the bottom would line up with another cross bar and 
with a lock there the panel can't be moved up and off. Or I might wire two of
the panels in place as I only need the one face to climb. The three panels 
would be on the tower just above the winch so the kid would have to shinny or 
jump up about 13 feet to get to the first rung of the tower proper. (The wood
will be well treated for weather protection of course) What do you think?


My reply:

I just did a very similar thing with my installation. I had thought about how 
to lock the panels into place. In place of locks I currently lay a pair of 2x4 
about 20" long on the top of the panels such that the panels cannot be lifted 
off the hooks on the back (The panel is stopped by the 2x4 hitting a tower 
Z-brace). It would take some work for a child to dislodge them. An adult could 
do it, but them again an adult can just get a lader to get around the panels 

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