David Jordan wa3gin@erols.com
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 20:39:34 -0500

Hi Folks,

I'm playing with a Heathkit antenna tuner model SA-2040.  The circuit
appears to be based on the ARRL handbook Ultimate Transmatch design.  My
question is about the
ultimate "Q" of the circuit. I find in matching my 75m V I can reach
1:5:1 SWR with
various combinations of antenna capacitor capacitance, inductor and
transmitter capacitor
capacitance. My operating preference on 75m falls on just a few
frequencies. With many very strong signals on the band I'd like to
adjust the tuner for the highest possible "Q" hopefully adding some
selectivity to my old transceiver (enhanced bandpass filtering).

o  Is it correct to presume the transmitter side of the tuner does not
play a major part in
    adjusting the relative "Q" of the circuit?

o  Is it correct to presume settings of  minimum inductance while using
the maximum
    antenna matching capacitance will yield the highest "Q"?

Thanks in Advance,

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