[TowerTalk] fold over tower

zeitler@ibm.net zeitler@ibm.net
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 04:26:53 -0800

Esteemed Reflectees,
I recently purchased a fold over tower. I am not sure of the make. I does
not have the Rohn zig-zag look. The rungs run horizonal. It is 40 feet high.
This tower has been holding a 20-3 CD for the past eight years with no guys,
just a house bracket which was included. Visual inspection shows that the
tower is excellent overall, including the winch and cable.

M question is where should it lay down at, on the roof of  the house or on
the ground? Does it matter much? I seems kind of odd to have it lay down on
the roof because then Ihave to take the beam up on the roof to get it on the

I will dig up as much as I can regarding the make of the tower. Not easy
because the owner is an SK. No paper work available. No name plate on it, at
least close to the ground level.

Comments please.

Lane Zeitler
San Diego

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