[TowerTalk] Guyed Tower Topic Summary

Lowell, Mark mlowell@noclant.navy.mil
Wed, 18 Nov 98 09:13:40 -0400

Hello All,

 After the recent discussion about FAQ's for this reflector, I decided to
try posting the summary document I have been making for guyed towers and
related topics, culled mostly from reading the messages here.

 Many of the usual topics are covered:

concrete, bases, rebar, feedlines, masts, connectors, waterproofing,
anchoring, grounding, lightning protection, choke baluns, rigging, strength
and properties of materials, assembly methods, sources of parts and repair,
rotor wiring, corrosion, wasps,... even true north!

I originally intended this to be a reference for myself to build my own
tower. However, others, especially those researching their first tower,
will find this very helpful. It is by no means a finished or completely
organized work. Some of you will recognize your writings where I have
not complete paraphrasing or where the original postings were
particularly eloquent.

the file TOWERS.TXT is available here:


   Gloucester, VA

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