[TowerTalk] Cloud Warmer Antenna

T A RUSSELL n4kg@juno.com
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 22:28:28 -0600

Hi  Lee,

Waveangle is determined by antenna HEIGHT.

It just so happens that a horizontally polarized antenna 
at 35 to 40 ft high will cover up to the highest angles
supported by the ionosphere on the high bands (10 to 20M).
This is exactly what one needs for domestic contests.

If I remember the story correctly,  when N4ZZ moved to a
new QTH, he put up a G5RV at 40 ft or so and had the best
SS score of his long career.  On 20M, it has 6 lobes and
acts as a broadside dipole on 40 and 80M.

>From the Central States, you guessed the BEST solution:

A   HORIZONTAL  LOOP,  1 Wavelength total  on 40M.

It acts as a quad loop aimed straight up on 40M.
It acts as two pairs of half waves (dipoles) in phase on 20M,
spaced 1/2 wavelength apart, providing 2 bi-directional
lobes at 90 degrees to each other with only a slight dip
between the lobes.  This makes for an almost omni-
directional horizontally polarized antenna.   Perfect for
total USA coverage from W0 on 20M.

The best configuration from W0 is with the wires N/S and E/W,
at a height of 40 ft, fed in the middle of any leg.  It will look like
approximately 100 Ohms on 20 and 40M.  You can feed with
ladderline or coax and use a tuner.
You will still want other antennas for 10, 15, and 80.
Dipoles for 10 and 15, broadside E/W at 40 ft will
cover both coasts simultaneously.

An 80M dipole at 60-80 ft broadside E/W fed with ladder line
would do well on 80M and provide some lower angle radiation
to the coasts on 40M.

Try 'em.  You will like 'em!

73 / GL,  Tom  N4KG

On Mon, 23 Nov 1998 16:45:46 -0600 Lee Buller <k0wa@southwind.net>
>Hello Evereyone....
>I trust you all had a great time on SS.  Well, I have a question about 
>antenna which has a specific job to do.
>I am looking for an antenna on 40 and 20 meters that is a cloud 
>What I want is an antenna that is loud 600 to 1500 miles out....not 
>Anyone play with the concept?  Horizontal Loops?  Light Bulbs driven 
>with a
>3CX3000A7?  Anyone have an opinion?
>Lee Buller

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