[TowerTalk] Stacking question

Joseph & Grace Holstein softwave@ameritech.net
Thu, 26 Nov 1998 09:42:56 -0500

That's good news; install an antenna for DX and then tilt when needing a
higher angle of radiation. Thought about the same but did not realize
tilting only increased the angle.

I ran into extremely interesting articles in old IRE/IEEE publications
and I am sure many of the "old" ideas need further experimenting. For
example, regarding receiving antennas, I read about some lab work that
supercooled the first tuned circuit in the RX and was able to achieve
tremendous RF selectivity (at HF) with a bandwith adjustable down into
the range of a few hertz or less. I need one these devices for my
beverage but please QRS.

73, hpy tksgvg, joe n8ea

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