[TowerTalk] My Trees and Tower - Mni Tnx Info!

Daniel Dorsey bdorsey@cstone.net
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 12:57:06 -0500

Mni tnx to all who replied to my post last week regarding my 70' trees and
my 40' tower.  So many replies it may take a while to answer each one

The bottom line was don't worry about it in all responses.  Never had to
worry about it before.  When I was /6 in Mojave, CA for 3 years, I had a
TH-7 on top of this tower.  Out there of course, you had to look long &
hard to FIND a tree, so no pblm there!!

Would like to put up as much tower as I can.  At the moment, I only have
40' of Triex T-15 tower.  Any one know where I can find a couple or three
more sections of Triex T-15 ??  The inner sections --- not the top section
or base plate section.

Thanks for all the responses ---- hope to have it up soon !!

73 ----- Bob    K4UVT

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