T A RUSSELL n4kg@juno.com
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 13:41:40 -0600

During daytime conditions, my 40 ft TH7 is often better
than my higher monobanders, especially with higher

To cover ALL the angles supported by the ionosphere,
you need HIGH  AND  LOW   antennas.  40 ft will cover
ALL of the angles supported above 10 degrees,
assuming a FLAT foreground.   For this reason,
I recommend that everyone have a good tribander
at 40 ft in addition to higher antennas for nighttime
and band openings / closings or other marginal MUF

BTW,  the higher angles drop off faster (3 to 1) than
the lower angles increase as tower height is added.
To get the really low angles, 100 to 120 ft is desirable.
It has been my experience that 10 and 15 meter 
antennas at 80 to 100 ft are notoriously POOR performers
during  the day when LOWER  really is BETTER,  
again,  assuming flat ground.

de  Tom  N4KG

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