[TowerTalk] Need Help; Hardline Connectors

DavisRFinc@aol.com DavisRFinc@aol.com
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 14:46:01 EST

 Hi Rich,  we can provide quality hard line connectors for various cables at
quite low pricing vs. those supplied by Andews and Times for Heliax and LMR
(we also distribute those lines too).   I will contact you further on direct
email.   Regards, 73,  Steve Davis, K1PEK,  DAVIS RF Co.   Division Davis
Associates Wire and Cable, LLC
 DAVIS RF Co., Commercial wire/cable, RF connectors, custom cable design.
Discounts to hams..........BURY-FLEX ™ low loss HF-microwave HDPE coax;
....FLEX-WEAVE™ aerial wire. Registered trademarks of Davis Associates, Inc. .
.LMR ™, Heliax™, PolyPhaser Tm, etc.  Visit our web site at  www.davisRF.com.
1-800-328-4773   (1-800-DAVIS RF)
 "The Triad":   DAVIS RF Co., ORION WIRE CORP and The WIREMAN:	Three types of
expertise, three corporate buying power and customer inter-personal
relationships benefitting all.
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  Can Anyone Help me locate 10-12 Female Connectors and 2 Male Connectors
  for 7/8 Hardline.
  I need 10-12, Arbus Female Connectors Part # 508P78NF. And 2 Male
  connectors part number unknown. If you have some for sale Please advise
  or know for sure where I may purchase them....
  Please advise..I Thank You...Rich

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