[TowerTalk] US TOWER CORP.

Joel k2qbv@cyburban.com
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 15:31:48 -0500

Dear Dick:
    After reading your comments on US Tower, I feel compelled to respond
to you with a copy to the Reflector.  Up until now, Reflector inquiries
concerning US Tower were answered on a one to one basis as a courtesy.
    As the sunspot cycle improves more and more amateurs are getting
their tower act together and putting up big structures.  With all the
new towers getting ready to go up, Bruce and his staff at US Tower are
at times very much overwhelmed.  If we, at FIRST CALL COMMUNICATIONS,
can offset the constant bombardment, we would certainly like to try.
Our company, FIRST CALL, has been a direct authorized US Tower dealer
for the last 14 YEARS.  While we are not a store or catalog mail order
company, we do however have the extra time and office staff to help run
a little interference for Bruce and his group.  We also have an abundant
supply of catalogs and more important to some people, a toll free
number.  We are well acquainted with all of the towers manufactured in
Visalia and have personally designed and supervised many "turn key"
systems nationwide.
    If anybody wants to contact us, they may do so by the following:

Web site address:            www.firstcallcom.net
E-mail address:               firstcall@cyburban.com        (the k2qbv
is my home e-mail)
Toll free number (US Caribbean and Canada)  (800)HAM-TOWER (800)426-8693

Fax number:                   (914)357-6243
Hours of operation:  9-5 EST

28 Grove Street
Spring Valley, NY  10977

    I look forward to your comments or suggestions.

Joel H. Kornreich
November 28, 1998

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