[TowerTalk] Opinions on the Cushcraft R-7000+ Vertical --

Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr@radio.org
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 18:14:13 -0500

On 11/13/98 13:19, Joe Natale  K1JN at k1jn@99main.com wrote:

>[ Tale of an R7... ]
>It still worked fine. I don't think that antenna is
>mechanically strong enough to put on an 80' tower, and putting it there
>would be a real bear. I used a cherry picker to put it on top of the mast.

I'd like to point out that the mounting system for the R7 and R7000 are 
totally different. The R7 is designed to slip over the top of a mast. 
This means you have to have some means of lifting the antenna from above, 
like a gin pole, crane, cherry picker or just a really tall step ladder.

The R7000 on the other hand, uses an offset plate and two sets of 
U-bolts. This means you can mount the antenna low on the mast and slide 
it up. (You may need to temporarily remove one of the counterpoise whips 
for this manuevour). I swung mine up against the ground, bolted it on and 
slid it to the top of the pole. (Several times, when I was trying to tune 

>If I had it to do all over again, I would guy the antenna with non-metallic
>guys as insurance against the freak wind and or ice storm.

The R7000 has a bit less wind load, and is mechanically stronger than the 
R7, since the traps are all enclosed. The R7 has little stubs that are 
exposed, as well as having a more complicated assembly.

The R7000+ does come with guying, since it is significantly taller than 
the R7000. However, the R7000 certainly looks strong enough by itself. 
Guying it with proper materials couldn't hurt.

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