[TowerTalk] KLM KT34XA/40M4 Modeling??

Michael Tope W4EF@pacbell.net
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 05:30:38 -0000

Our club has a  KT34XA /40 Meter 4 element stack which will be coming down later
this year as a result of some scheduled tower repair (new rotator/mast/tower
section). This will be a good time to clean up the antennas and make any worthwhile
modifications to them.

Are there any good electrical/mechanical modifications for these two antennas? Both 
antennas have the heavy duty boom which might suggest pinning of the elements (I noticed 
that one of the 40 meter directors was twisted a bit relative to horizontal). What about
modelling - are there any good models of these antennas? Does optimization 
over stock dimensions produce any significant gains in performance?

How about the KLM baluns - are they efficient (I was considering a coax balun for the 
40 meter - 1/2 lambda 4:1 Zo/Zi)


Mike, W4EF 

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