[TowerTalk] Ch 39 TVI??

Joe Subich, W8IK w8ik@ibm.net
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 21:31:32 -0400

> You don't tell us your location (City, State), which could help
> determine the nature of the problem.  For example, you may know that the
> UHF channels have now been allocated to Digital TV and are being
> populated with DTV transmissions this fall -- ie NOW.
> The FCC website has the list of DTV channels/city and a quick glance at
> that list might confirm that the signal your neighbor is seeing is the
> testing of the new transmitter allocated to CH 39 in your area.
> Go to www.fcc.gov and click on "digital televison".

>From personal involvement, I can assure everyone that DTV interference
will not look like hum bars.  The DTV signal has a nearly flat "noise
like" spectrum.  Average DTV powers are substantially below the equivalent
NTSC peak powers (at least 12 dB).  Further, the separation between co-
channel NTSC and DTV stattions is substantial (>120 miles) in most cases.

Channel 39 is 620 to 626 MHz (470 + (6 * (N-14)).  A quick scan of the
DTV table of allocation shows DTV channel 39 assigned to the following
top 30 market affiliates (due on the air by 1 Nov 99):

    WJLA (Washington DC)  WFTV (Orlando FL)  WSB (Atlanta, GA)

WJLA and WSB are top 10 markets due on the air by 1 May 99.

Don't know what the source is, but I really doubt it's DTV intereference.

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