[TowerTalk] The Towertalk Reflector

Steven Best sbest@tiac.net
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 10:15:28 -0400


It has been interesting to watch the emotional e-mail exchange over the
past few days. 

I have found the Towertalk Reflector to be a powerful medium for the
exchange of personal opinions and experiences.  I am very impressed with
the diversity of experience and the knowledge of those who contribute to
this reflector.  The down side is that it does get emotional and sometimes
personal.  As many of you are aware, I was involved in a very emotional
exchange of opinions awhile back. 

Most recently, my comments to Towertalk were used against me in a vicious
personal attack in the Aerials column written by "Lil Paddle" and "Kurt N.
Sterba".  I wonder about the character of a person who hides behind an
alias and pens personal attacks against other individuals.  Oh by the way,
just a question.  Is it true that "Kurt N. Sterba" is really Peter Onnigian
(W6QEU)?  I understand this to be the case. 

Even worse than "Kurt" (W6QEU?) is the Towertalkian that forwarded my
private e-mails to "Kurt" (W6QEU?) to use against me in the Aerials column.
 To avoid cluttering up the Towertalk Reflector, I chose to discuss some of
my opinions in "private" e-mails to other Towertalkians.  I made a mistake
in one of my e-mails (I used one of Walt Maxwell's formulas incorrectly).
One of the recipients of this e-mail (I know who - it's a very well
informed community) decided to forward this along to "Kurt" (W6QEU?) to use
against me.  I wonder if either of these two individuals even have enough
self esteem to admit that they make mistakes.

For these reasons, I have been reluctant to involve myself in another
Towertalk discussion.  From my perspective, it is unfortunate that an open
forum for discussion could be used as a weapon against another person.

I hope the Towertalk Reflector remains a forum where people can openly ask
questions and openly express opinions - right or wrong.  The answers
usually benefit all of the participants.

Steven Best

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