[TowerTalk] RE:Create Rotor - Mast Slip

Greg Clark k9ig@contesting.com
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 22:07:15 -0500

Thanks for all of the replies folks.  N5AR was the man with the original
post.  He uses Baler Belt...sounds like from those big round hay
balers.  I'm off to the John Deere Dealer in the morning.

I had a few folks tell me to pin the mast.  If you saw a Create mast
clamp, you would know why I don't want to do that.  If it were a T2X,
sure, but not these aluminum clam shells.  I feel even a small pin in
the mast would shear the clamps from the rotor.

A few also reminded me to use the blue loc-tite and maybe double nut the



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