[TowerTalk] refurbish a Thrust bearing ?

Bill Aycock baycock@hiwaay.net
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 20:19:15 -0500

As a part of a recent used tower deal, I got a thrust bearing, a TB-3.  As
received, it could not be moved, because the bearings (balls) had made
indentations in both the inner and outer races.  As an Engineer, I find the
design of a bearing with steel balls and ALUMINUM races to be puzzling. As
the saying goes- that is a "no-brainer". If I had done this when I was a
student in Engineering school, I would have flunked.

At any rate- I took the thing apart, using the instructions provided here
on this list, earlier. ( I dont remember who- but the instructions were
clear, and memorable)  The balls are all there, and the races clean up
quite well, with the exception of the indentations. My real question is--
is there an easy way to rework the races to acceptable smoothness, and , if
so, how?  The bearings cost the better part of  $100, and, if I can get
this one back into reasonable smoothness,for less than half that- I'm
probably OK. 

Any suggestions?


Bill Aycock   W4BSG
Jackson County, AL
W4BSG is "vanity" this time, but was 
earned by exam in 1954, the first time.

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