[TowerTalk] entrance panels for grounding

Mark . n1lo@hotmail.com
Tue, 28 Dec 1999 21:31:25 EST

Bob wrote:
<<I would still recommend protecting the dc cables
from the battery...snip...As you pointed out, the name of the game is 
induction. What you are trying to do in this case is prevent any
surge energy induced on your cables from getting into
the equipment...snip...>>

Hi Bob, what do you think of installing a surge arrestor at the 120VAC wall 
outlet that supplies the battery charger, then winding the charger's power 
cord into a choke coil, making it a high inductance path. How many turns at 
what diameter do you think would be sufficient for an air core choke? This 
could easily be implemented by using an inexpensive extension cord for the 

  If I catch your drift, then the emp of a nearby strike will induce a 
common mode surge in both the DC conductors that the battery cannot shunt. 
Will a solenoid coil in these help or just move their resonance to another 
frequency in the lightning's emp?


   Gloucester, VA

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