[TowerTalk] having fun with an inv. L

zeitler@ibm.net zeitler@ibm.net
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 16:29:06 -0800

I'd like to share my recent adventure.

Put up an 80 meter inverted L last week. 31 feet vertical with 35 feet
horizonal. It is set up as a ground plane as it is on the roof of the house
and all of the radials (20 of them 46 feet long) are on the roof and the
roof perimeter.

Works fantastic. An added bonus is that it compares to my full size 1/4 wave
vertical on 40 and seems to work just as good as my 20 and 17 meter
verticals also. I have been running it through my HB roller inductor tuner
(in the shack) and tuning it to run all bands except for 160. Works
beutifully. Fed with RG-8X.

Just thought you all might be interested.

Take care,.

Lane Zeitler

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