[TowerTalk] Perfect Field Day beam?

N0OEL@aol.com N0OEL@aol.com
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 22:46:09 EDT

Hi Doug!   You dont need a big beam on Field Day.   In fact it would probably 
better to not have a big beam for Field Day because you are working all 
and often many will call you from all directions and your job is to work as 
many as possible.    Further, a beam that goes together easily is preferred 
too.   Hence,
in our experience at the Twin City FM Club W0EF (usually a top scoring Club in
the 2A category) is the High Gain TA3, or Cush Craft A3 or A4.   We also like 
Hygain Explorer 14 but it is a little more complex to assemble for the 

But if I had to narrow it down I would take the High Gain TA3.   You can find 
used for about $125 and they collapse for compact storage till next year!

Good luck and look for W0EF June 26-27!


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