[TowerTalk] Navaho Vario Climbing belt

WA9ALS - John jfleming@shelbynet.net
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 23:07:50 -0500

I found the reference to the Vario in the Tower Talk FAQ.  I couldn't
find it in the Petzl catalog available at their web site.  My question
and the response is below.  I suppose it's like anything else - you can
go part way or all the way!  Is this thing a reasonable compromise?

Navaho Vario, part #C79
I couldn't find this harness on the web site.
This was recommended to me for amateur radio tower climbing.
Any comments?  Thanks!

     Thanks for emailing Petzl.  Our web page only features our sport
     climbing equipment and headlamps unfortunately.  This harness is
     our work and rescue line.  Although I am not exactly sure what
     "amateur radio tower climbing" is, I can tell you that this harness
     designed only for work positioning and not fall arrest.  Work
     requirements for fall arrest harnesses dictate that these harnesses
     full body harnesses.  If you have any questions pleae do not
     to contact me.
     Thank You
     Koby Crooks
     Petzl America

WA9ALS - John
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