[TowerTalk] Petzl Navaho Vario Belt

Jim Idelson jimi@designet.com
Sat, 01 May 1999 08:50:17 -0400

Take a look at these pages:


I bought the Vario from Inner Mountain Outfitters - good price;

Dealers of safety equipment will ask you questions about the application
that you're buying for, and they'll assume that you must meet OSHA
standards. The tower climbing application does require a fall-arrest
type harness [per OSHA]. As an amateur radio operator maintaining your
own tower, you are not required to meet OSHA requirements. If you fell,
I suppose, your insurance company might make a case not to pay benefits
because you weren't equipped to appropriate standards.

I use the Vario with homemade cowstail and work positioning lanyards. I
am quite happy with this equipment. I only bought the Vario from Inner
Mountain Outfitters. I bought all the rope and other hardware at my
local REI store. By the way, REI didn't stock the Vario, but they were
willing to order it for me.

Regards and happy climbing,

Jim K1IR

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