[TowerTalk] tower installers needed

Joel k2qbv@cyburban.com
Sat, 01 May 1999 09:15:17 -0400

Hello Kurt...
Thank you for the reply.. I am allowing a copy of my response to be put up on
towertalk as many people that have responded are in the same position as you
are. Also people that have not responded may be in a position after reading
your  posting to do so now.

What you are offering may be just what the doctor ordered.  Many people wanting
towers just may need the extra help you discussed.  The installers on our list
range from full big companies that do tower work all week to a person like
yourself. We would like to add you to our list and have YOU decide if you want
to follow up. I think this may be best explained after you read the FIRST CALL
newsletter.  Send me your address and let me know if we can add you to the

Best regards,

Joel, K2QBV
First CAll Communications,Inc
(a direct distributor for US TOWER CORP)

Kurt Andress wrote:

> Joel wrote:
> > First Call Communications Inc is looking once again for tower installers
> > for partial and full turnkey  U S TOWER systems. Some installers we use
> > work  just on weekends putting
> > up structures and this is fine.   If your tower experience has NOT been
> > with US Tower or any crank up type we can help you in this regard.
> >
> > E- mail us or call and we will send you the outline we used  in
> > establishing  the national network  set up so far
> >
> > Hope to hear from you real soon.
> Joel,
> I responded to your previous request and received your letter via mail.
> After reading it, it appeared to me that your clients needed serious
> professional, bonded and insured assistance. So, I did not reply.
> I am not one who makes a living installing towers! I have another job that
> would most likely prevent me from coordinating the efforts of foundation
> contractors to dig, and pour tower bases to provide turnkey installations.
> If you have clients in my area that can figure out how to get their
> foundations installed, I can help them with the building of antennas and all
> of the tower and other system installation and troubleshooting. I am only
> available to accept these types of activities on weekends, when my real job
> does not require my attention.
> If this suits any of your situations, you may refer me to your clients in
> this area.
> The area again is No. Nevada, 45 mins from Reno, 2 hrs drive from
> Sacramento, Ca. and 4 hours from the S.F Bay area.
> --
> 73, Kurt, K7NV

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