[TowerTalk] Securing cables to trees

Gary McDuffie, Sr. mcduffie@scottsbluff.net
Mon, 03 May 1999 08:07:08 -0600

On Mon, 03 May 1999 05:07:57 -0700, Tom Osborne wrote:

> You have to be careful when hooking something to a tree.  I have
> some guywires on my tower hooked to some screw eyes screwed into
> a tree.  I didn't check them for a long time, and now the bark
> has grown over them, and I'll have to take an axe and clean the
> bark away from them to loosen the guys from the screweyes.  You
> will have to dress them away from the tree.

I had the same experience in my last QTH.  After 10 years, the eye bolts
were completely buried in the bark and I had to cut the guy wire and
pull it through.  Today, I use a motorcycle tie-down strap.  Besides,
it's more tree friendly.

Hole is ready for concrete, Denny.  Probably Thursday.

> Tom W7WHY   (Is SAUDSN still going?)

You bet, but you and THE JAW aren't holding up your area of the network!

Gary - AGØN
PSK31 - The dangdest thing you ever saw!

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