[TowerTalk] Securing cables to trees

Tom Osborne w7why@harborside.com
Mon, 03 May 1999 05:07:57 -0700

K7FL wrote:

I have used a double-nail clamp arrangement in the past, but as
>the clamp was made of plastic, the life was only a year or two. >Ideally, the common U shaped metal fasteners used to secure house >electrical wiring would be used, but the length of the nail >portion is insufficient to go through thick bark and into the >wood.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Dennis, K7FL

HI Denny

You have to be careful when hooking something to a tree.  I have
some guywires on my tower hooked to some screw eyes screwed into
a tree.  I didn't check them for a long time, and now the bark
has grown over them, and I'll have to take an axe and clean the
bark away from them to loosen the guys from the screweyes.  You
will have to dress them away from the tree.  See ya'

Tom W7WHY   (Is SAUDSN still going?)

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