[TowerTalk] A Different Take On Guy Wires?

K7LXC@aol.com K7LXC@aol.com
Tue, 4 May 1999 13:03:09 EDT

In a message dated 99-05-04 12:09:20 EDT, notawc@juno.com writes:

> So, getting back to the original 60' of 45G where would be the best
>  location for a single uninsulated guy? This would attach at between the
>  40-45' level and be in the 60-80 % of height at the anchor point.
>  The antenna will be a 10-15-20M only tribander.

     The *best* place for the guy is one set at the top and the second set 
1/2 way down the tower. This is the factory configuration and you'd be making 
a mistake by only using one guy and violating the LXC Prime Directive: "DO 
what the manufacturer says".

Cheers,  Steve    K7LXC

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