[TowerTalk] Re: Name that crank-up?

Gus VO1MP gussam@newcomm.net
Thu, 6 May 1999 23:30:14 -0230

VO1MP  Gus Samuelson
St. Phillips Newfoundland

> >Is the bracing made of solid rod or flat bar or tubular pieces?  Is the
> >bracing crossed-X pattern or Z-style or (hopefully not) just parallel to
> >ground ?
> >
> >Do the raisable sections use a roller-type guide assembly or just curved
> >metal-to-metal (rubbing) contact?
> >
> >73, Warren   KH6WM   kh6wm@arrl.net

One of the pitfalls of e-mail , once you hit the send switch you realize that
there were other things you might have added to the description  hi!

Bracing is made of solid rod  the lattice work is  a combination of X braces at 
the top each section and X braces at the bottom  of the smaller sections
interspersed with  45 degree diagonal braces reversed and welded  and galvanized
  in the remaining areas , there are no roller
guides just several pieces of curved welded bracket positioned along the tubular areas.
BTW there are four sections in this tower and it easily weights about 1200 + lbs. or more.
I Guess it would crank up to  70+ ft fully extended.
I appreciate some of the responses I've received to date however no positive identification
yet .
I guess worst case scenario is that I might install it and never really know what brand it is.

73 Gus/VO1MP

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