[TowerTalk] Follow-up: Tower climbing costs

Barry Kutner w2up@mindspring.com
Sat, 8 May 1999 00:17:14 -0000

Earlier today I posted what I thought was a simple question: the 
going rate for tower climbing. Tnx to K1VR for the only answer out 
of 15 or so replies ($60/hour in his parts).

At least 10 of the others took it upon themselves to use my post 
as the basis for their Editorial, some direct to me, some to the 
Reflector. Most thought I was out of line for trying to charge the 
errant landscaper for trashing my antenna.

As usually is the case, there's more to the story than a simple, 
trashed sloper. There's a 6 inch gash down to bare wood on the 
trunk of a pear tree. There's a major branch broken off an apple 
tree. There's shoddy work. There's the missed 4 o'clock 
appointment yesterday with no call. For all I know, he was drunk 
when he was here. As some suggested, I should fire him. I intend 
to, when I find a replacement. 

Yes, it's just a hobby, as a few of you philosophers so astutely 
pointed out. But, it's a hobby in which I've invested my time and 
money - both of which have value. If my property is damaged by 
negligence (home, hobby property, or business property), I expect 
to be compensated for the negligence.

Also, there's more to fixing it than a 10 minute splice as KA1CLX 
suggested. I used a stranded copperweld, and I find it impossible 
to solder to this stuff after it's been out in the elements. I just can't 
get all the oxidation off the strands the way they wrap around each 
other. So, I am replacing the whole thing, from insulator to insulator 
with solid copperweld - no more of that stranded stuff for me!

The antenna is not one simple sloper. It's several slopers with 
some active and some parasitic elements, with relays to switch 
between them, and relays to switch the resonance from 3500 to 
3800. One response I received sympathized with me, as he 
understood how much time it took to trim the wires to get the 
tuning just right to switch directions without needing to retune.

Bottom line, before opening your mouth through your keyboard, 
pause - Ask yourself if you would reply in a similar manner in a 
face to face conversation.

Barry W2UP
Barry Kutner, W2UP              Internet: w2up@mindspring.com
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