[TowerTalk] Defective Rohn tower

Richard L. King k5na@texas.net
Sat, 08 May 1999 14:43:48

Rohn Tower quality seems to have suffered a lot over the past few years.
Last fall I received thirty-nine 45G tower sections that were shipped
direct from the factory. Of those thirty-nine tower sections, nine were

Eight of the sections had a single bent leg at the bottom of the section.
The bend was almost identical on each of those sections, being towards the
center of the tower section. It was almost as though a handling procedure
was bending them.

The other defective tower section had a missing weld on one of the
z-braces. The weld had been skipped and the section was galvanzized over.
Luckily there was an air gap wide enough that I noticed it after it was
unloaded from the truck.

Also, the galvanizing is very thin compared to other Rohn tower that I have
bought over the past 40 years. And the new stuff is loaded with
glove-puncturing sharp edges from the thin, drippy galvanizing. 

So I saw about a 25% defective rate with new Rohn tower sections. I bought
some new assessory plates and top plates too, but I haven't checked them
yet. Maybe I had better check them soon.

Rohn needs a good competitor.

73, Richard

P.S. For those of you who haven't noticed, I changed my e-mail address a
couple of months ago. Please correct your nicknames file.


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