[TowerTalk] kt34xa rebuild - cleaning inside clamps

Shane Dugas shane@eatel.net
Mon, 10 May 1999 14:05:03 -0500 (CDT)

At 09:08 AM 5/10/99 -0500, you wrote:
>For those of you that have rebuilt KT34s, what technique did you use to clean
>inside the clamps.  I thought of buying a round file.  Any other ideas?

Just finished rebuilding a KT34 about 2 months ago.  I had disassembled the
elements from the boom about five years ago so I decided to go ahead a tear
it down the rest of the way due to the fact that it was an old beam and I
was planning on brining up to current spec. 

For the cleaning of all of the internal parts,  I went to Walmart and bought
every size gun barrel cleaning brushes that they had.  I bought a couple of
rifle cleaning kits to go with it.  I connected as many of the rods as I
needed and I was able to clean everything from the clamps to the longest
pieces of tubing.  I used a cordless drill and chucked up the cleaning rods
in the drill (very careful with this).  This, along with a little WD-40 and
something to rinse it off, will make it shine.  Really helps with getting
all the critters out of the small tubing.

>Also, do you recommend disassembling everything on the elements?  I don't have
>to disassemble everything to replace the blue caps, i.e. the two clamps and L
>shaped aluminum coming away from both sides of the insulator and the end
>piece, but maybe it is worth it due to the amount of oxidation I see everywhere

I completly dissasembled mine becauuse it was also very corroded but I also
had to change the capacitor tubes and caps.  It really wasn't as difficult
as I was told it would be.

>And finally, what is a good way to clean up the screws which have a lot of
>oxidation at the top of the threads?

Don't bother.  I took a parts list to the local house of nuts and bolts and
replaced all of the hardware.  The most expensive  parts were the 3 1/2 inch
bolts but you probably won't need to replace them.  I tried to clean them
with every I could think of including various industrial solvents and it
just wasn't worth it.  It was to cheap to just buy new screws.

And after all of this.  I put it back together per the manf. instructions
and to my amazement it was on the money the first time.  Yes, even 15 meters.

Good luck

Shane Dugas             
Prairieville, LA        

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