[TowerTalk] Hy-Gain, responsibility shifted

N0OEL@aol.com N0OEL@aol.com
Wed, 12 May 1999 08:13:08 EDT

I am seeing the MFJ bashing starting here and I cannot blame those that do.   
MFJ has quality control that sometimes reminds one of the Bowery Boys!
But take a look at Mirage and Ameritron both of which was purchased some 
years ago by MFJ.   I think the MFJ leadership has been smart not to fool 
around with the
quality control of those companies and Mirage and Ameritron has been 
continued with the good quality control and fine products they made before 
the MFJ buyouts.

Have heart.   Give them a chance.    Hygain might have bit the dust.    Maybe 
buyout by MFJ could be the best thing that could happen!


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