[TowerTalk] tower value

Henry Heidtmann n4vhk@summitschool.com
Wed, 12 May 1999 10:52:52 -0400

The local radio club here has a 90' freestanding tower that they need to
move (old cell tower) They're looking to put a value on it. It has been
down on the ground for 4 years, no ID on it- It is a tapered tower, 20'
sections, 7' at the base, no base plate (would have to be dropped in the
concrete, or make a base.) THEY SAY there is no rust. I have not seen
the thing.
They've asked me for assistance in assigning a value as it needs to be
out of this guys yard in 2 weeks. Any tower gurus have a rough estimate
of quick sale value? $150-$300? Less?
Email direct is fine, especially for any other questions you may have.
Location is the southern Winston-Salem, NC.
See you in the suites- 5 of us flying up tomorrow! (bring rain gear for
Henry Heidtmann, N4VHK
W4WS Contest Crew
Winston-Salem, NC

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