[TowerTalk] "The Man was with me today"

Dave Jordan wa3gin@erols.com
Wed, 19 May 1999 09:20:32 -0400

In todays Wash Post (Metro in Brief -- The Region --Maryland)

Workers Fall 200 Feet From Tower

Two workers fell 200 feet off a transmission tower in Catonsville
yesterday morning and landed on a chain-link fence. One man was
critically injured: the other was only bruised.

"I'm lucky, " Donald Wise, 25, said from his Pasadena Home. "The Man was
with me today."

His partner, Tim Beck, 18, was reported in critical condition at the
Maryland Shock Trauma Center In Baltimore. Wise said Beck had regained
consciousness by afternoon and was being treated for a broken wrist,
broken arm and cuts to his head.

Wise said he and Beck were wearing full body harnesses and hard hats as
they used a winch to climb the 998-foot tower on Powers Lane, near
Rolling Road and U.S. 40. The winch slipped out of gear without warning
as they reached 200 ft.


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