[TowerTalk] Phasing verticals

Dave Earnest k7jj@home.com
Wed, 19 May 1999 06:18:57 -0700

I live full time in a 40-ft 5th wheel. I use verticals, but want to get
a some gain. Even with good conditions, I don't compete very well in
pile ups. Beams and towers were bid good bye. Most RV parks won't let me
put up my Force 12 vertical dipole (ZR-3). The one I am in will let me
play verticals.

I want a practical answer to spacing (1/2 wave between elements?) what
length coax do I want between verticals, etc. I do not have modeling
software. I want to try end fire and switch to broadside.

I am primarily interested in 20 meters, but do use trap verticals for
40-10 meters.

Thanks for any advice.

73, Dave K7JJ

Dave Earnest

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