[TowerTalk] RE: 40M Yagi recommendations

Jan.E.Holm@telia.se Jan.E.Holm@telia.se
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 10:55:25 +0100

      Think the W9 is W9RE / de SM2EKM

> Look a little deeper into the issue.  The "older
> one" (40-2CD) is not
> the same as the XM240.  There have been reports here
> on TT of the CC
> XM240 not being a worthy successor.
> I have a 40-2CD and love it, but I would probably go
> with a F12 if I
> had to chose between it and a CC XM240.

40-2CD was electrically a good antenna but the
mechanical part was lousy. The Upgrade available from
a W9.... ( dont remember) is a must.
73  Rag 

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