[TowerTalk] Re: shorting straps on KLM KT34XA

Ron Youvan ka4inm@qsl.net
Wed, 06 Oct 1999 01:15:05 +0000

<< Anybody out there know of a better solution, or am I overkilling
this thing? I have 5 more elements to do, so any labor saving hints
would be appreciated.  >>

  I have a KLM KT-34A (not X) and it has this problem, I see this as a design defect.

My plan is to replace these "C" or "P" ? straps with stainless steel straps held to

the elements es gamma match with (all) stainless steel `avaition hose bands' screw

type radiator hose clamps/bands.  I have not worked out the details, looks like it

will be super sized bands (1/2" X 3') that I have seen in auto parts stores etc.

cut into 2 or 3 pieces of suitable length with the ends bent around to allow the

`hose bands' to be at the correct angle (perpendicular to the tubing.

This bent ends, forming the leads is what I havn't worked out yet.

I have replaced the two very short jumpers with some clamped on rings that I

straightened out and used, but they were able to be bent in a different manner.

This matter must be properly addressed before I put this beast up on my future


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